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Mała Armia Janosika - Album 2023

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Implementation of graphic design for a CD for the largest children's highland band in Poland - Mała Armia Janosika.

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Our agency had the pleasure to realize the digipack design for a CD for Mała Armia Janosika, the largest children's highland band in Poland. The CD, released in 2023, is a true tribute to the highland tradition and culture, presenting the unique sound of this exceptional musical group.

Among the selected tracks are such gems as 'Wilijo,' 'Jedna jest taka noc,' and 'Dobrze żeś się Jezu urodził,' which perfectly capture the richness of highland music and its influence on Polish musical tradition. The CD also includes other well-known songs like 'Przybieżeli do Betlejem,' 'Wśród nocnej ciszy,' and 'Jezusa Narodzonego wszyscy witajmy,' which remind us of the beauty of Polish carols.

Mała Armia Janosika, founded in 2015, is an artistic group and musical ensemble inspired by the highland culture of Podhale. The band consists of 225 members aged from two to seventy years old, making it the largest highland band in Podhale. This unique group gathers children and youth from Raba Wyżna and the surrounding area who share a passion for regional music and the traditions of the Podhale region. The band's headquarters are located in Raba Wyżna, where rehearsals and preparations for their artistic performances regularly take place.

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Mała Armia Janosika - Album 2023

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