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Therapeutic Clinic - Poster

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We were the creators of a modern-looking poster for the Therapeutic Clinic in Kojszówka.

More information:

Therapeutic Clinic Żaneta Łopata in Kojszówka supports children in acquiring new skills, assists in difficulties, and accompanies them during the process of growth.

The clinic's offer includes:

  • Neuroflow - active auditory training
  • EEG - Biofeedback - professional brain training
  • Warnke Method - assistance for children with learning difficulties
  • HEG - Biofeedback - new method of neurotherapy
  • RehaCom - cognitive function rehabilitation
  • Mini QEEG - useful for EEG - Biofeedback
  • Image fusion screening tests
  • Sensorimotor therapy
  • Hand therapy
  • Psychological assistance
  • Padovan Method (NFR) and Neurosensomotor Integration (MNIR)

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Therapeutic Clinic - Poster

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